Tuition & Fee Waivers

Certain students may be eligible for a fee waiver. All mandatory fees are waived for:

  1. Students who are GSU-62 students and register during late registration;
  2. Employee tuition remission (TAP) students who take no more than 9 hours and register during the appropriate time designated by HR.
  3. US Military Reserve and Georgia National Guard Combat Veterans.
  4. Dual Enrolled students.
  5. Students enrolled in only Georgia Film Academy courses.

All mandatory fees except the technology fee and USG Institution fee may be waived for:

  1. Students enrolled only in courses offered under a tuition agreement between Georgia State University and a corporation, organization, educational institution or other legal entity if the tuition agreement specifies that fees will be waived.
  2. Students enrolled only in courses which meet more than 50 miles from Georgia State University if taking those courses at that location is required by their program of study. Such courses may include: practicum, student teaching, internship, directed reading, independent study, thesis research, or dissertation research. If the program of study allows (but does not require) that the courses be taken more than 50 miles from campus, then the students will not be granted a fee waiver.
  3. Students enrolled only in courses that meet more than 50 miles from Georgia State University if those courses are part of an official Georgia State University off-campus study program. Such programs may include field study programs and study abroad programs. Please be advised if you are enrolled in a faculty led study abroad program, all fees are waived except for the BOR Institution fee and the Technology fee. Visit the Study Abroad website.

Students who have paid fees at other institutions do not receive a waiver of Georgia State University fees. Students who meet the above criteria will only be assessed the technology fee and the USG Institution fee.  If you feel you should be eligible for this waiver but are being assessed all mandatory fees, please contact the Student Financial Management Center for assistance.