Petition for Georgia Tuition Classification

Tuition classification petitions are for students wishing to contest their current non-resident tuition classification status.

If you have been admitted to Georgia State University and are classified as a non-resident for tuition classification, and you think further information could alter that decision, you may submit a Petition for Tuition Reclassification.

Petition for Tuition Reclassification

Employment –Related Visa holders: To have your tuition classification status reviewed, you must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.  You may instead qualify for a Waiver of Non-Resident Fees.


Petition Deadline Priority Final
Fall Semester June 1 August 1
Spring Semester November 1 December 1
Summer Semester March 1 May 1

Petitions filed after the final deadlines listed above will be considered for the following semester.  If a petition is approved, it will not be retroactive to prior semesters. Notification of the petition decision will be sent to the student’s Georgia State email. Submit your form with all supporting documentation at one time.

Mail or deliver the petition and supporting documents to:

The Office of the Registrar
225 Sparks Hall
P.O. Box 4017
Atlanta, Georgia 30302-4017


Submit via email in PDF format (petition and supporting documents) to:
Faxed documents are not permitted.