PantherPay is Georgia State University’s secure web-based billing and payment system for viewing and paying student account electronic billing information (eBills). Georgia State does not mail billing statements to enrolled students.

Any transaction that is posted to your student account can be paid through PantherPay. This includes charges like tuition, mandatory fees, mandatory insurance, housing, and meal plan charges.

Access to PantherPay

It is the student’s responsibility to check their account via PantherPay regularly to verify charges and ensure that payments are made on time. Because of Federal privacy laws, parents and others may view account transactions and make payments only after the student has set them up as authorized users. After logging into PantherPay, select “Authorize Users” from the menu to set this up.

Authorized Users
When a student designates an authorized user, this serves as GSU’s FERPA release to provide protected student account information to the person authorized. Students can add or delete authorized users as desired.

To access PantherPay, Authorized Users need to:

  1. Access the Authorized Users secure website
  2. Enter the email address the student used to create your access
  3. Enter the password emailed to you from Student Accounts

Monitoring Account Activity

Up-to-date account activity can be viewed via PantherPay by selecting “Account Activity.” Whether or not you check your student account activity, you are still responsible for payment of the balance by the due date.

Note: The eBill is a snapshot of your student account transactions as of the date it was generated. Activity and payments made after your eBill was generated will be reflected on the next monthly statement.