PantherCard Refund Features

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Your Money Network® Account requires no minimum balance or monthly service fee, and all funds are FDIC-insured. In addition to the security, the account also offers you a convenient way to manage your money with online access and bill payment options.

Additional features and benefits:

  • No overdraft fees.
  • No PIN debit fees.
  • No reload fees.
  • Free ATM withdrawals at over 43,000 Allpoint Network ATMs.
  • Free Money Network® Checks that can be cashed for free at Walmart™ locations.
  • The account can be reloaded by the school, friends, family — even your employer.
  • Can be used everywhere Discover® cards are accepted.
  • Funds are FDIC-insured.
  • You don’t have to wait in line to cash your financial aid refund check, or worry about losing your check.
  • You don’t have to worry about your direct deposited refund rejecting if your bank account information changes.
  • Provides a practical alternative to a checking account.

Using Your Card

Your Money Network® Account and Money Network™ Checks offer you a complete and convenient package of services you can use to access and manage your student account refund instantly.

Click the topics below to learn more. For even more information on using your PantherCard Money Network® Account, visit or call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283.

In addition to having your student account refund go straight to your account, you can add money to your account in the following ways:

  1. Add funds directly to your account. Different types of payments can be loaded directly onto your account, including money from one or more jobs, tax refunds, child support and government benefits. Visit or call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283.
  2. Have family or friends add money to your account. Anyone can send money from their bank account directly to your Money Network® Account. Log in to your account online to learn more.
  3. Through participating merchants or at a MoneyGram® or Western Union® agent location near you. To find a location, visit or call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283.

NOTE: Reload fees and limits for this option may vary by merchant. See the Fee and Transaction Limit Schedule [PDF] and the Terms and Conditions [PDF] for more information.

This feature requires a one-time verification of your identity.

Your PIN keeps your account and the money in it secure. You should not give your PIN to anyone for any reason. If you can't remember your PIN, call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283 and tell the representative that you need to create a new one.

  • Via e-mail or text* message.
    Visit or call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283 to sign up for automatic daily or weekly balance updates sent via e-mail or directly to your mobile via text message.
  • Online.
    Log in to your account online.
  • By phone.
    Listen to your balance by calling Customer Service.

* Your cellular phone carrier's standard rates or other charges for receiving text messages may apply.

Once your purchases have been rung up:

  • Swipe or present your PantherCard.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN or sign for the transaction.

NOTE: Process may vary by merchant. Certain transaction limits may apply. Please see the Transaction Limit Schedule [PDF] for more information. Cash back can be received at participating merchants when your 4-digit PIN is used.

Swipe or insert your card:

  • Enter your PIN.
  • Enter the dollar amount you want to withdraw.
  • Take your cash and your receipt.

HELPFUL TIP: An additional fee or surcharge may be applied by an out-of-network ATM owner or operator. To avoid ATM withdrawal and surcharge fees, use an in-network ATM. Visit the website to find one near you. See the Transaction Limit and Fee Schedule [PDF].

Money Network™ Checks can be used to pay bills, such as rent and utilities. You can also write a check to yourself and cash it for free at participating locations to access the money available in your Account. Money Network™ Checks must be activated before they can be used. The checks include more detailed information and instructions.

  • Call Customer Service to request more checks at no additional cost.
  • Contact Us by Phone:
    Money Network® Customer Service
  • Contact Us by Mail:
    MetaBank Money Network Cardholder Services
    7000 Goodlett Farms Parkway, Suite 200
    Cordova, Tennessee 38016
  • Check cashing locations, such as participating Walmart™ Stores, can be found by using the Money Network® Locator tool online at or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283.
Access your account information at any time, free of charge, by visiting by calling Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283. All you need is the number on the front of your PantherCard and your PIN to log in to:
  • Set up alerts online to receive your account balance daily or once a week via e-mail or text message.*
  • Hear or view your account balance and transaction activity.
  • Change your PIN.
  • Request a statement.**
  • Transfer funds from your Account to a personal bank account.
  • Request a secondary card for a family member or dependent.**
  • Send funds to a secondary card.**

* Your cellular phone carrier's standard rates or other charges for receiving text messages may apply.
** Fees may apply. See the Fee Schedule [PDF].

Before you can initiate a transfer, you will need to:

  • Obtain the BANK ROUTING NUMBER and BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER from a personal check tied to the bank account that will receive the funds.
  • Find out if the bank account is a CHECKING or SAVINGS account.

Once you have the required information:

  • Go online to or call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283 and access your account.
  • Select the option to transfer funds to a bank account and follow the instructions.

NOTE: Transfers initiated on a banking business day prior to 5:00 PM CST will be available at the designated bank account on the next business day. Transfers completed after 5:00 PM CST or on weekends and holidays will be available at the designated bank account on the second business day.

Lost or stolen cards or checks must be reported as soon as possible.

  • Lost or stolen card: Contact the PantherCard office to get a new ID. You can use your Money Network™ Checks to access your money until you obtain a new PantherCard. Your Money Network® account balance will be sent automatically from your lost or stolen PantherCard to your new PantherCard when you activate it.
  • Lost or stolen Money Network™ Check: A Customer Service Representative will research the check's status to confirm that it has not been cashed and will restore the funds to your Account. If additional time is required to research the check's status, please allow up to 30 days to restore the check amount to your account.