Processing Schedule

Our office has several automated processes that run early in the morning on a regular basis:

  • Tuition & Fee assessment: runs 365 days a year for the current term and previous term (i.e. fall 2014/summer2014, spring 2015/fall 2014). The current processing term changes when tuition and fees are posted for the term. Changes to a student’s registration and/or SGASTDN record can result in fees being assessed/removed.
  • Waiver Payment Posting: runs 365 days a year for the current term and previous term. Waiver payments are posted the day after the exemption code is entered in TSAEXPP.
    • EXAMPLE: College A posts a waiver to the student’s record in TSAEXPP on April 6. In the morning on April 7, a payment for the amount covered by the waiver is posted to the student’s account.
    • EXAMPLE: College B deletes a waiver from a student’s record in TSAEXPP on June 5. In the morning on June 6, the payment originally covered by the waiver is reversed from the student’s account.
  • Mandatory Fee Reversal (also called waiver): runs 365 days a year for the current term and previous term. If a student qualifies for a waiver of mandatory fees (except USG Institution fee and Technology fee) based on being registered only in courses coded as off-campus, an automated process assigns an attribute that is used to reverse the appropriate fees. No exemption code is used to post a waiver payment to offset the charges, rather the students charges are reversed automatically based on meeting the criteria. The attribute is posted the day after the student meets the criteria.
    • EXAMPLE: Student A registers for courses on May 5. All the courses are coded as off-campus. On May 6 an attribute is posted to their record before the fee assessment process runs. When the fee assessment process runs all applicable mandatory fees are reversed from their student account.
    • For exception cases where the student is enrolled in only off campus courses, but the courses is not coded as such in Banner, the professor or department head must send a Mandatory Fee Waiver Request on Georgia State letterhead to with the subject “Mandatory Fee Waiver Request”. This request must include the student name(s), term, course(s) CRN, and location that the course is being conducted. Once approved, a mandatory fee waiver exemption code will be added to the student’s record that will initiate a payment for the fees covered.
  • Mandatory Insurance Charges/Adjustments: runs every day until the waiver period is over. An automated job runs before fee assessment to post an attribute to identify the type of insurance charge the student should have. This allows the insurance charge to be posted with the fee assessment job that runs daily.

Our office has several manual (run by a staff member in Student Accounts) processes that run in the morning Monday – Friday:

  • Graduate Assistant Payroll Deduction Attributes: run Monday – Friday when tuition & fees begin posting for the term up until the final fee payment deadline for fall and spring semesters. An attribute is posted so that eligible students can have access to enroll in the plan via PantherPay.
  • Mandatory Insurance Eligibility File: run Monday – Friday during the open enrollment period. This process is run after the automated fee assessment process posts mandatory insurance charges to student’s records. The enrollment file is manually uploaded to the United Healthcare website and an email notification is sent to each student on the daily list to notify them that they can enroll or apply for a waiver.
  • Mandatory Insurance Waiver Posting: run Monday – Friday during the open enrollment period. A file is downloaded from the United Healthcare website with students who have been approved for a waiver by UHC. This file is used to post an exemption in TSAEXPP so that a mandatory health insurance waiver payment can be posted.
  • Perkins/Berner Electronic Master Promissory Notes (eMPN): runs Monday-Friday year round. This process generates a file that we send to our loan billing servicer with all students awarded and have accepted a Perkins/Berner loan the previous day. Students in the file are sent an email with instructions on electronically signing their promissory note.
  • Perkins/Berner Signed eMPN: run Monday – Friday year round. Each day our billing loan servicer provides a file of students who have signed their eMPN. We download this file and satisfy the Perkins/Berner MPN requirement in the financial aid system so that funds can be disbursed by the financial aid office.
  • Perkins/Berner Loan Advance: run monthly by the third business day of the month. This process generates a file of disbursed Perkins/Berner loan transactions from the previous month that we send to our loan billing servicer so that the student can be billed when the repayment period begins.
  • Credit Balance Refunds: run weekly on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  Direct deposit and paper check refunds are processed by Disbursements the day after the refund transaction posts in Banner.  PantherCard refunds are available to students the same day the refund transaction is posted in Banner. Some students with credit balances may not be eligible to receive a refund.  Our office places a refund hold on accounts that meet certain criteria, and we forward a report to various offices to review the account and approve the refund.  Refund holds are informational only and do not restrict any services.  You can review SOAHOLD for specific details about why a refund was held and not processed.

Our office also processes various ad hoc requests and forms.  We have created a Processing Schedule Matrix that provides an overview of all accounts receivable operations processing. Please also review the semester calendar for important dates and deadlines.

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