Faculty and Staff Contact

The Financial Management Center handles all Student Account customer service. Students/parents should be directed to log into PAWS and access Panther Answer for any questions they have about their student account. They can also contact our Financial Management Center at 404-413-2600 or visit us in room 227 Sparks Hall for assistance.

For faculty/staff questions, all staff in the Office of Student Accounts are able to assist with any student account issue. The most efficient way to communicate with our office is to send an email to aroperations@gsu.edu. We all have access to this email box. This email address is only to be used for internal department contact with our office, please do not share this email with students or copy them on emails to this address. We will not respond to students/parents from this email account.  The first available student account staff member will be able to assist you with any student account issue. This number is not published for student use and should not be shared with students.

Email: aroperations@gsu.edu
Website:  sfs.gsu.edu or sfs.gsu.edu/tuition-fees/faculty-staff-resources/

Faculty & Staff Resources