Department Scholarship Payments

The Internal Revenue Code governs the manner in which scholarships are taxed to the recipients and Georgia State University’s reporting responsibilities with respect to scholarships.

For questions about tax implications for payments made to non-resident alien students, please contact Ivan Ivanov, Tax Accountant in the Disbursements Office at 404-413-3056 or

A scholarship is generally defined as financial support to aid a student at an educational institution in the pursuit of studies. The student may be either an undergraduate or a graduate. Past, present, or future services are not expected in return for the scholarship payment. Typically, these payments are to be used for educational purposes such as tuition, fees, room and board, books, supplies, and transportation.  Such aid is reported on IRS Form 1098-T to assist the students and the IRS in computing applicable tax credits. The funds may be taxable to the recipient but are not reported as taxable income by Georgia State.

How to Process

In order to comply with federal financial aid regulations and IRS reporting requirements related to IRS Form 1098-T, these payments should be processed through the Student Financial Aid Office.

One-Time Scholarship Payment Requests

Please use the Student Account Payment Request Form to request that a one-time scholarship payment be posted to a student’s account from a Georgia State University department account.  This form is designed for one-time exception situations where a scholarship from a department account needs to be processed.  If your college/department has an ongoing need to have scholarships posted please contact the financial aid department to set up a scholarship fund code for financial aid disbursement purposes. Please note, this payment will be reported to the IRS as a scholarship on the student’s 1098-T tax form.  Departmental scholarships will also be reported to the Financial Aid department and could result in adjustments to the student’s financial aid package.  Please allow at least five business days for processing.  Do not send your payment request until the student(s) is registered.  We cannot process payment if the student is not registered. Forms will not be processed until fees post for the term. Forward completed form to the Office of Student Accounts.

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