Banner AR Access

In an effort to ensure everyone with access to the Banner Accounts Receivable module is effectively and correctly using the system, we are implementing a mandatory training requirement effective May 1, 2012, for anyone requesting access to security profiles and/or classes that include access to Banner AR forms. Additionally, we now also require a Request Form for Student Account Table Access be submitted for requesting AR table access for Crystal Report purposes. While we do not require training for users only requesting table access for report purposes, we strongly recommend it if the user is not familiar with AR data and/or processing.

This training is accessible online via iCollege, so staff will be able to go through the training from their own office. We also have created various job aids and other resources to help you effectively use the Banner AR system.  These resources are available via iCollege.

Training Requirements

Anyone requesting access to any student account security class must complete the following AR training:

  • AR 100 – Accounts Receivable Overview (9 minute video)
  • AR 101 – Basic Accounts Receivable Analysis (10 minute video)

Additional training requirements based on requesting update access to the specific forms is indicated below (access is granted to these forms via various security profiles and classes):

AR 103 – Accounts Receivable Processing (9 minute video)

  • Student Account Detail (TSADETL)
  • Billing Mass Data Entry Form – Student (TSAMASS)

AR 105-  Waiver Processing (5 minute video)

  • Exemption Person Authorization (TSAEXPP)


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