Maintaining Aid to Transient

Transient Study

Transient students are Georgia State degree-seeking students not enrolled for the term at Georgia State and enrolled 6 or more hours at another institution. Georgia State is considered to be the home institution and the school you will be attending is the host/visiting institution.

Federal regulations prohibit students from receiving aid from more than one institution during the same academic term. Therefore, all requests for financial aid during terms of transient study must be filed with Georgia State, not the host institution. If another school is your home, that school is responsible for processing your financial aid.

Georgia State students participating in a Georgia State-Sponsored Study Abroad Program are not required to submit any additional forms as your course registration is documented at Georgia State.

Application Procedures

Georgia State students that will be visiting another institution as a transient student must complete a Georgia State University Consortium Agreement Form that may be obtained at the Georgia State Financial Aid Forms page.  If you are a HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship recipient and are visiting another Georgia institution, then you must complete a HOPE Transient Request.

A letter from the academic advisor showing that the class(es) will transfer back to Georgia State and will apply toward a degree program must be provided to the Financial Aid Office. Georgia State will send a consortium agreement to the financial aid office of the host/visiting institution.

Disbursement Procedures

You must have on file within the Financial Aid Office a signed Consortium Agreement verifying hours enrolled and cost of attendance from the host institution, as well as a signed academic approval letter before any financial aid can be disbursed to your account. Your financial aid refund check will be directly deposited into your bank account or a refund check will be mailed to the address listed on your account during the regular disbursement period for each academic term.

Georgia State students participating in a Georgia State-Sponsored Study Abroad Program for summer may have financial aid disbursed earlier than the published disbursement date as many of the Georgia State-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs begin prior to the summer semester start date. Financial aid will not be disbursed early for fall and spring semesters as there are no programs that begin prior to the semester start date.