Special Programs

Sometimes students require assistance beyond the ordinary enrollment programs. While participating in these alternative enrollment programs, Georgia State University will assist qualified degree-seeking students in receiving financial aid.

Requirements for Programs

Depending on the program of study, additional information must be provided to the Office of Financial Aid. It is your responsibility to furnish the required information. It is also your responsibility to make certain that you understand what is required of you in order to receive any qualified funds.

You must register for at least half-time in order to receive financial aid. Half-time is:
Undergraduate = 6 hours
Graduate = 4.5 hours
Law Student = 6 hours

Consortium Agreement

A consortium agreement is a contract between two schools that enables a student to receive financial aid while taking courses at a school other than his or her “home” institution. A consortium agreement between Georgia State (home school) and the school you will be attending (host school) is required in order for financial aid to be processed. The purpose of the consortium agreement is to establish the cost for the item at the host school because eligibility for financial aid is based on the cost of the host school.

The consortium agreement will be sent to the host school from the Office of Financial Aid after the GSU Consortium Agreement form and the Academic Approval Letter are received from the student. Please note that some schools will not sign a consortium agreement. If this is the case, you cannot receive financial aid for attendance at that school.