To Appeal Your Financial Aid Suspension

To appeal your failure to meet SAP due to any of these or similar personal issues, explain how the circumstances prevented you from meeting SAP. You must also explain what has changed in your situation that would allow you to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress at the next evaluation and the action you are taking to ensure you will meet SAP standards. Provide detailed information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form and attach substantiating documents. Incomplete appeals will not be considered.

Appeals should be received within 30 days of the date of being notified about not meeting standards. There are specific deadlines listed on the appeal. An appeal may be obtained from University Advisement Center or on the financial aid forms webpage.

If you have lost eligibility for financial aid, your aid will be canceled. Those canceled funds are returned to the originating programs to be awarded to other eligible students.  If your appeal is granted, your aid will be reinstated, based on funds available at that time. Therefore, your best interest is served by submitting an appeal as soon as you receive your suspension notice.

Part of the appeal process requires that you develop an Academic Plan with your Academic Advisor. You are required to meet with your Academic Advisor for review of your academic standing. This review helps to determine the student’s opportunity for meeting the SAP standards and to support the student’s appeal for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. The advisor is expected to complete the Academic Plan portion of the appeal.