Financial Aid Suspension

If you do not achieve the required cumulative GPA, pace (towards successfully completing a degree) or time frame you will lose eligibility for most financial aid programs.* This requirement applies to all terms regardless of whether or not the student received financial aid and is based on your academic record at all schools attended.

You may attend Georgia State at your own expense, until you achieve the cumulative GPA and credit hour completion requirement. To regain financial aid eligibility your record must reflect that you have met those requirements. After a student has re-established eligibility, he/she may be considered for aid for upcoming periods but not for periods during which the standard had not been met. If you failed to meet the standards due to mitigating circumstances, you have the right to appeal your financial aid suspension status.

Dismissal and Return

If you are  suspended academically or choose not to attend because of not meeting the SAP standards, you will not automatically become eligible for financial aid upon your return. You must meet both qualitative and quantitative (pace) standards of SAP. If below standards, you must appeal or use means other than financial aid for educational expenses. Absence does not restore eligibility for financial aid. It remains the responsibility of the student to be knowledgeable of their SAP standard when returning to school after dismissal or choosing not to return because of not meeting the SAP standards.

*The exceptions would be private education loans offered through certain lenders that do not require Satisfactory Academic Progress.