Financial Aid Fund Disbursement Policy

All financial aid funds will disburse in even halves each semester, including student loans. For example, an annual Stafford loan of $3,500 has two $1,750 disbursements at the beginning of each semester.

Several types of financial aid are reflected on the university bill. They include: Funds from university, federal, state, and outside scholarships and grants

The actual amount of your award depends on your financial need, cost of attendance, year in school, and availability of funds. Federal loan awards are a gross amount. The disbursement amount (net payment amount you receive from your lender) is the gross amount less required federal fees. Financial Aid funds will credit your PAWS Student Account at the beginning of the semester. The date that disbursement will begin for each term is determined by federal regulation.

If credits from university, federal, and state scholarships, grants, and loans exceed the charges on your bill, a refund check for the excess amount will be issued.

Earnings from on-campus employment are paid twice each month and are based on actual hours worked. These funds are paid directly to the student and not credited to the student account.