Financial Aid Fund Disbursement Policy

When will I receive my financial aid disbursement? Financial Aid will disburse at the beginning of each semester after the drop/add period on the financial aid freeze (census) date.

  • Summer 2019: June 19, 2019
  • Fall 2019: September 4, 2019
  • Spring 2020: January 22, 2020
  • Summer 2020: June 17, 2020

If you become eligible for a disbursement after the scheduled date, funds are disbursed daily.

What is a freeze date? 

It is the date that registration is locked/frozen to determine the amount of aid to disburse.  If your registration is 3 credit hours on the freeze date, then aid will disburse for 3 credit hours.  If you are later able to increase your registration to 6 credit hours, grant financial aid will not be increased.

Does withdrawing effect my award? 

Partial or a total withdrawal from the semester may impact your award and your Satisfactory Academic Progress standing. 

I never attended or was dropped from a course after the freeze date, will this impact my aid?  I

f you are withdrawn for lack of attendance during roll verification (-W) or drop a course after the freeze date, your financial aid may be reduced. 

How does the Parent PLUS disbursement and refund process work?  

Georgia State University does not have an order of fund disbursement for federal student aid.  Parent PLUS loans that indicate that the PLUS refund be issued to the student will be issued to the student.  For Parent PLUS loans that indicate excess funds be released to the parent, the following policy applies: 

  • PLUS funds disbursed the same day as the other federal student aid and results in a refund, the refund will be issued to the student.
  • PLUS funds disbursed at least one day after other federal student aid and results in refund, the refund will be issued to the parent.