Accepting Your Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid notifies you of your federal financial aid award package by email. You can view and accept your award package in PAWS. Any federal grants that you are awarded are automatically accepted for you. The federal work-study program and federal loans require you to accept the award through your PAWS account.

Before accepting any federal aid, make sure that you will be enrolled for all the semesters for which you are accepting aid. If an award amount is offered for a semester that you will not be enrolled, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid

Accept the Loan or Work Study Award Offer in PAWS

  1. Go to (or visit and click on PAWS under the Students tab).
  2. Log in to PAWS. Then, select the Finances tab.
  3. Go to the Financial Aid Information Menu (section on the bottom right).
  4. Click on the Access My Financial Aid Information link.
  5. Click on Award Information Menu. Click on “Award by Aid Year .”
  6. Choose the appropriate academic year.  (The new academic year starts with Fall and ends with Summer.)
  7. Click on the “Accept Award Offer” tab. Pay attention to the award period (whether one or two semesters).
  8. Carefully read and follow the instructions to accept the amount (if any) that you want.
    Undergraduate loans are awarded based on two semesters. Make sure that the amount you select covers two semesters.
  9. If you already made a decision on PAWS, then to adjust the amount or award period, you must complete a Loan Change Form or submit a written request in the Enrollment Service Center.