Perimeter College Students

The Perimeter College Office of Development is pleased you are interested in applying for scholarships. Our donors give generously to the Georgia State University Foundation to help Perimeter College students cover the cost of tuition, fees, books and educational expenses.

Perimeter College offers merit-based, need-based and service-based scholarships.  All scholarship awards are contingent upon the availability of funds and are subject to revision. Please begin the application process by following the four steps below:

1. First, review the New Scholarship Process and the Frequently Asked Questions to help you to fully understand the process.

2. Review our current scholarship opportunities and determine the scholarships for which you meet all of the eligibility requirements:


3. After carefully reviewing the scholarship listings and determining the scholarships for which you are eligible, complete the March 1 Deadline Scholarship Application and/or the Nursing Majors March 1 Deadline Scholarship Application (if applicable) (You must submit a separate application for each scholarship you are seeking.)

March 1 Deadline Scholarship Application

Nursing Majors March 1 Deadline Scholarship Application

Gather all additional application materials the scholarship requires.  A list of required documentation is in the “must submit” section of each scholarship listing.

Assemble your application packets.  If you want a certain essay or a particular letter of recommendation to be matched with a specific scholarship, please complete this task yourself so that your intentions are clear.  Put your application packets together with paperclips rather than staples.  All documents must be scanned for record-keeping purposes, and documents cannot be scanned if they are stapled.


4. Submit your completed applications via U.S. Postal Service mail or intercampus mail or in person to our office. Review our campus mail guide prior to sending applications through intercampus mail.