Honors Students

The Honors College offers students a variety of advantages that can help to create an extraordinary learning environment at Georgia State. The college offers students tailored classes, opportunities to participate in advanced research and complete an honors thesis, priority registration, top facilities, dedicated housing, and graduate school preparation. Honors students are encouraged to work towards one of three levels of honors distinction: general, advanced, and research.

Who can apply?

The Honors College admission is limited to approximately 200 incoming freshman students each year. Incoming freshmen must first complete the application process for admission to the university. Once you have submitted the necessary test scores and high school transcripts, you will be contacted for additional information if you qualify for potential admission into the program.

Currently enrolled Georgia State students can apply to the Honors College if they have completed between 12 and 60 hours of course work with a 3.5 GPA. Transfer students with a 3.5 GPA and between 12 and 60 hours of course work are also encouraged to apply.

Currently enrolled Georgia State students and transfer students can apply online on the Honors College webpage.

Scholarship Opportunities

Honors students should consider applying for post-graduate scholarship opportunities. Many of them require a great deal of preparation so students should being the process of preparing their candidacy for these awards during their freshman year. Visit the Honors College National Award Preparation website for more information on specific scholarships. If you have questions about the process of applying for post-graduate scholarships, please contact Jennifer Gerz-Escandón, National Scholarship and Fellowship Coordinator via email at jgerzescandon@gsu.edu.