Receiving Payments

Salary for the Federal Work-Study Program

The hourly pay rates allowable are established by the University. Currently the rates are as follows.

Salary Range:

Level I Basic Support Functions $8.00-$8.25

  • no experience or general experience
  • minimal technical ability
  • minimal responsibility
  • general clerical duties

Level II Skilled Support Functions $8.50-$9.00

  • extensive experience
  • average to extensive technical ability
  • above average responsibility
  • highly specific skills required

Level III Advanced Support Functions $9.50-$10.00

  • highly extensive experience
  • highly advanced technical ability
  • above average responsibility
  • highly skilled duties

Level IV Community Service $10.00-$12.00

  • off-campus employment

All FWSP students will be employed within the range of each classification according to their respective job descriptions and aptitudes. Variations in hourly rates among departmental FWSP employees should reflect only differences in aptitude, skill, level or responsibility and/or performance.

The employing department may increase hourly wages for returning students up to 50 cents per hour per academic year. The increase must be submitted on the Fall Human Resources Personnel Action Form. Hourly increases are not to exceed the maximum pay rate for the corresponding level.

Student Employment Payroll Calendar

View the Student Payroll Schedule on the Human Resources website.

Student Employment Awards

Students receive an official financial aid award notification from the Office of Financial Aid. The award notification will state the financial aid that the student is eligible for at that time. If a student is eligible for Federal Work-Study or Panther Work, the authorized award will be listed in the award notification. The award amount is usually listed for the fall and spring terms as such:

  • Fall: $800
  • Spring: $800
  • Total: $1600

**Please note that this award example is not a standard amount. Federal Work-Study or Panther Work can vary in dollar values. Due to limited funds availability, students must accept their Federal Work-Study or Panther Work award within thirty-days after the offer date, if the student does not accept the award within the thirty-day timeframe it will be cancelled. The student must accept their Federal Work-Study or Panther Work award. In accepting financial aid awards, a student agrees to provide any additional documentation requested by an authorized university official to verify information given on the student’s original financial aid application. The University reserves the right to reduce or cancel an award in cases where there is conflicting or missing information.

In addition, if the student is awarded financial aid which in total exceeds his/her federally determined eligibility, a Federal Work-Study or Panther Work award can be reduced or cancelled. In this case, the Financial Aid Office will attempt to notify the supervisor; however, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that his/her supervisor knows about the change. Since the financial aid process is ongoing, supervisors should have alternative sources to pay the student in case the student’s award is reduced or cancelled. Earnings should be monitored based upon gross earnings. For example, a student who has a $1500 award may earn up to $1500 gross earnings.