Scholarship Profile: Lauren

Lauren is the recipient of the Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship. She is a freshman from Savannah, GA, who aspires to put her passion for creativity into practice as a journalist. She is also passionate about volunteer service and giving back to the community.

Can you tell us more about yourself?
I love being creative and writing poetry. I love to inspire others. I hope that while I am at Georgia State, I can encourage others to have school spirit. I love to bring a positive atmosphere. I like to encourage others to pursue the things they are passionate about.

What influenced you to attend Georgia State?
I lived my entire life in the suburbs so I was ready to see something different. High school really helped shaped what was important to me and Georgia State had those things to offer.

What influenced your decision to apply for scholarships?
My family fell into the group whose income is too high to qualify for federal grants but not high enough to pay the tuition out of pocket. I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend school without a scholarship.

What motivates you to be a successful student?
A lot of people in my family have gone to college but never finished. I want to be the first person to do that. I know that so many doors will open for me if I have a college degree.

As an incoming freshman, what example do you hope to set for future attending students?
School comes first. It is also important to get involved with things like volunteering, leadership and hobbies. When it comes to the things that you are passionate about, pursue them no matter what.