Contact Financial Aid

James Blackburn, Associate Vice President of Student Financial Services

Aristea Williams, Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid

Processing Units Contact
Compliance Unit Tamla Covington, Assistant Director
Document Processing Unit Willetta Shelby, Assistant Director
Electronic Processing Unit Jacqueline Frasier, Interim Assistant Director
Federal Funding Unit Phyllis Smith, Assistant Director
State Programs & Scholarships Unit Joseph Steelman, Interim Assistant Director


Required verification documents are submitted through Georgia State University's Verify My FAFSA portal.  All other documents may be submitted through the methods listed below.  Please include your Panther ID number on all documents.

Fax (678)-891-3427 (secure fax server)
Email Submit requests via Panther Answer
Mailing Georgia State University
Office of Student Financial Aid
P.O. Box 4040
Atlanta, GA 30302-4040

Student Financial Management Centers are available at six Georgia State University campus locations to help with your financial aid and student accounts needs.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 5:15PM
Phone: 404-413-2600
TTY: 404-413-2281 (Hearing Impaired Students Only)

Office: 227 Sparks Hall
Office: N 1520
Office: B 1400
Office: 112E
Office: F 1313
Office: Room 1 1120