Entering Freshmen

Georgia State wants to help you accomplish everything you possibly can. One of the ways we do this is by offering a variety of scholarships to entering freshman who have excelled, both academically and in extracurricular activities, during their high school career. Last year, we awarded nearly $3.3 million in merit-based scholarships to entering freshmen. And approximately 21 percent of new first-year students enrolling in fall 2013 received a scholarship. Some scholarships are granted automatically along with acceptance; others are open to apply for after you’ve been accepted.

Centennial Merit Scholarships (no application required)

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer any additional Centennial Merit Scholarships due to the number of students that have already accepted their scholarship.  We will continue to closely monitor the scholarship acceptance process and if additional scholarship dollars become available we will then make additional offers.
If you apply for admission by March 1, you will be considered for a Centennial Merit scholarship based on your application to Georgia State University and will be notified via your acceptance letter. If you are offered an award, you must digitally sign the paperwork online, which is available through the Georgia State application status check page, to have it applied to you student account balance. Students admitted to the university after March 1 or who do not digitally sign the online paperwork cannot be guaranteed funding. Here is a quick overview of Centennial Merit awards:
Scholarship Freshman Index SAT ACT HS GPA Amount
Second Century >= 3150 1250 28 >= 3.5 $3000 Renewable
1913 Founders >= 3100 1200 27 >= 3.5 $2000 Renewable
GSU Excellence >= 3000 1200 27 >= 3.5 $1000 Renewable
GSU Achievement >= 3000 1150 25 >= 3.5 $1000 One Time
GSU Foundation >= 2800 1200 27 >= 3.5 $500 One Time

Scholarships Requiring Application

Students must first apply and be accepted to Georgia State University from our Admissions office in order to apply for these scholarships. Make sure to note both Admissions deadlines and Scholarship deadlines and plan to have all your materials submitted for admission consideration 4-6 weeks prior to scholarship deadlines. Apply early by November 15th and after you receive your acceptance letter, you can apply for the following scholarships:
Scholarship Details Eligibility Deadline
Presidential Up to $12,000/year for 4 years for in-state students, up to $30,000/year for 4 years for out-of-state students Premier academic merit award Jan. 16
Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship $5,000/year for 4 years First generation college students April 17
Atlanta Hawks Foundation Scholarship $2,500/year for 4 years For incoming first-year University students who reside in the state of Georgia March 6
Berner $10,000/year for 4 years(50% is award, 50% is loan) Students from rural Georgia March 6
Goizueta Latino Leadership Pipeline Award $10,000/year for 4 years Record of service to the Latino community and demonstrated leadership ability March 6
Goizueta Foundation Up to $12,000/year for 4 years for in-state students, up to $30,000/year for 4 years for out-of-state students Record of service to the Latino community and demonstrated leadership ability March 6
Rice Scholarship $10,000/year for 4 years Incoming freshmen from Early County, GA, or transfer students from Bainbridge College. April 17

State Scholarships

Georgia has two scholarship programs for Georgia state residents.

Campus Atlanta Scholarship for Out-of-State Students

For incoming students only, whose residence is considered out-of-state for tuition purposes (including international students), Georgia State University may offer merit-based waivers of all or part of the out-of-state portion of tuition based on academic performance in high school for incoming freshmen, or based on college GPA for incoming transfer students. No scholarship application for this award is required. Awards are renewable based on maintaining full-time enrollment (at least 12 credit hours) and at least a 3.0 Georgia State institutional GPA. Learn more about the Campus Atlanta Scholarship. Campus Atlanta Scholarships will not show on students' accounts until approximately two weeks before the fee payment deadline and only after registration for a minimum of 12 hours has been verified. Awards are made depending on the availability of funds.